Organic Green Tea, Australia

Green tea is not fermented at all. It is steamed to stop oxidation before it starts, which preserves most of the polyphenols. It has 60% more polyphenol (antioxidants) content than black tea and has a less bitter taste. Polyphenols are claimed to help the body protect itself against free radicals; molecules, which occur in the environment and are naturally produced by the body and can cause damage to cells.

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About our green tea:

CULTIVAR: Standard Green Tea Clones
TEA TYPE: Green Whole Leaf
TIME OF HARVEST: Throughout the Year
TYPE OF PLUCKING: 100% fine leaf, mostly comprising of two leaves and a bud
SPECIALITY: Regular Darjeeling Green Tea

We are specialized in delivering the best organic tea in Australia. This tea helps you boost up your immune system and increase the blood circulation throughout the body.
Darjeeling tea is a tea from the Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India. It is available in white, green, oolong and black.

The Darjeeling region is at the footsteps of Tibetan Himalaya and stretches between high mountain ridges and deep mountain valleys. The unique geography and weather make Darjeeling such an exclusive tea. In fact, Darjeeling is only capable of producing one percent of India’s total tea output. The most famous tea in India is Darjeeling tea although it makes only a small portion of the country tea production.

Darjeeling tea is recognisable by the harvest season (flush). The main flushes are first, second, Monsoon and Autumn.

The First Flush picks the earliest spring growth of the plant, as early as February. The leaves of the first flush are delicate and tender. Hence, its tea is light, floral, fresh, and astringent in flavour. The first flush Darjeeling tea is less oxidised compared to the Darjeeling second flush. Darjeeling First Flush tea is some of the most prized and expensive on the market. It is called the “Champagne” of teas.

The Second Flush is harvested as early as April and runs through June. Darjeeling second flush tea has a stronger flavour. Teas from this Flush are famous for muscatel, and fruity flavour.
The Monsoon Flush runs from June to October. It comes with large leaves that brew into a stronger tea.

The Autumn Flush is in October and November. The brewed tea has a rich copper-coloured liquor with rich, full, and smooth flavour.

To better know it, Darjeeling tea has several flushes which come with different colour and flavour, however, still the next harvest of the same flush tea from the same garden does not come with the same characteristics as the environmental factors changes all the time. Do not be surprised if the same tea even from the same garden is different when you use it next time. It is one of the beauties of Darjeeling tea!

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